Calabasas Country Club has been the backdrop for many iconic movies, securing a place in Hollywood history. However, no better script could have been written than the time Tiger Woods met Sam Snead.

Tiger and Sam. Champions at any age

A young Tiger took on "Slammin Sam" and played it like a pro. The following excerpt courtesy of will tell you what happened.

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Learn what happened when a 5-year-old Tiger Woods met golf great Sam Snead -- and played against him. It happened here!

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Their first encounter took place at an exhibition at Calabasas Country Club near Los Angeles in the early 1980s. Snead was the star attraction, playing two holes with nine different groups.

“I was this little snot-nosed kid at 5 years old that he had to play the last two holes with,” Woods recalled a few years ago. “I remember it was a par 3. You know, I'm 5, I can't carry it very far. I hit it into the water and he tells me to go pick it up out of the water … when my dad was alive, he would tell me that I was slightly competitive even at that age and I didn't like him telling me to pick the ball up, because my dad always taught me you play it as it is, there's no such thing as winter rules.

“So I went in and played it and I made bogey on that hole, the par 3, and I made bogey on the last hole. I still have the card at home. He signed it and he went par-par and I lost by two.”

Beautiful private country club.

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Woods retorted by offering his signature to Snead, who was taken by what he had just seen on those two holes.

“I’ve worked for years to get the hitch out of that swing of mine,” Snead said afterward, “and along comes this kid. I think I’ll toss my clubs in a lake someplace.”

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