Yes you (s)can!

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Things that get measured get done. The Health M.A.P.TM program is designed to Measure, Analyze, and Plan a path to your Health and Fitness Destination. Complimentary to all Members. Definitely the first step towards starting a fitness program or improving an existing one!

To schedule a M.A.P.TM session and Fit3D Body Scan, contact Robert Guerra at

What is Fit3D?

With razor sharp accuracy and 3D imaging capacities, Fit3D can help you track your progression and achieve your personal goals (weight loss, muscle build etc).

Using data from Mt. Sinai medical facility, your scan will analyze the 1200 -1400 photos the system captures during your 30 second scan. Your scan can also provide information about posture, body composition (fat vs muscle percentage), body shape and other important health and fitness metrics.

The scanner becomes your personal fitness tracker and collects data points on a regular basis, to show your progression via 3D animated clips of the body.

Free to Members!

This service will be complimentary to all CCC Members. Normally, this scan would cost around $60- $100. Your Club is the first Country Club West of North Carolina to provide this service!

To schedule your MAPTM Session and Fit3D Scan, contact Robert Guerra at