Basic golf etiquette for first time players

Welcome new players, here are a few unspoken rules to help you ease into the game, most of all have fun! LEARN MORE

The essentials for a better driving range routine

Four great tips on how to improve your routine on the driving range. LEARN MORE

Pro Golfer warmup routine

How do the different players warmup and what would work best for me?LEARN MORE

Gloveless golfers

Will a glove or two improve your game? Consult our professionals about your lead hand, custom clubs and more.LEARN MORE

The perks of living in Calabasas include...

Notable names, highlights, gated community and so much more in our city. LEARN MORE

Classic story about when Tiger Woods met Sam Sneed

Here at our club, Tiger Woods age 5, a memorable moment to recall. LEARN MORE

The longest golf ball ever hit

A flexible player is able to generate a longer drive by having the ability to swing with a wider arc, creating more thrust. LEARN MORE

Up-and-coming golfers to watch for

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The privacy of a country club for your entire family

A private club for the whole family to enjoy. Not just for golf, there’s dining, events, community… LEARN MORE

The most important dates in Golf history

Beginning in the year 1296 by the Dutch, the evolution of a game played with a stick called "Colf" it quite remarkable LEARN MORE

Escape Los Angeles without traveling

A perfect way to getaway right in your backyard, for yourself, or with friends or the whole family. LEARN MORE

5 great reasons to join our country club this year

As a member you can enjoy or improve your golf game and non-golfers in your family will enjoy the additional amenities... LEARN MORE

You don’t have to tip your wedding vendors

As a premier location for weddings in Southern California, Calabasas Country Club does not accept gratuities. We want you to relax and focus 100% on your special day. Leave the rest to us!  LEARN MORE

Plan a staycation this year

Vacation Time doesn’t have to include hopping on a plane and going to far away places. You can get the same relaxing experience and spend a lot less by taking a staycation in Calabasas. LEARN MORE

Golf chipping tips

Golf with these tips for improving your golf chipping skills, your golf practice will radically change. Since chipping is fundamentally designed to keep you on the green, you will have better scores. LEARN MORE

You can golf all winter in Southern California

Calabasas is one of the sunniest areas in Southern California, boasting pleasant weather during the cold months. If you are a golf enthusiast and dislike inactivity during the holiday season, consider golfing during the winter. LEARN MORE

New Year's resolutions for golfers

It’s that time of the year when people take a moment to examine their lives and make a mental or written list of things they’d like to change or improve in the New Year. Making New Year’s resolutions for golfers is often an opportunity. LEARN MORE

2019 is the year your golf game gets better

One of the very few downsides of golf is the fact that it’s weather permitting it can be frustrating. Fortunately there are some things you can do in the off season to keep the momentum going and even make improvements in your mechanics. LEARN MORE

Yes, you have to stretch before playing 18 holes of golf

Warming up before golf is an excellent way to get loose and avoid injuries.Studies have shown that performing a regular stretching routine several times a week can result in improved range of motion and even a lower handicap. LEARN MORE

CCC and Calabasas Style Magazine

See CCC's feature in the November/December issue of Calabasas Style. LEARN MORE

Staying healthy and fit is the ultimate luxury

Whether you’re looking for a personal trainer or group fitness classes specializing in Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi & more or some cardiovascular or strength training, it’s all offered at the health and fitness center. We even offer a Titleist Performance Institute for golf-specific training. LEARN MORE

Play golf, grow your business

Rather than heading into another generic, windowless room, why not conduct a relaxing meeting in the middle of a picturesque setting like the rolling green hills of the Calabasas Country Club? training. LEARN MORE