Calabasas Country Club Clubhouse Dress Code

Please note the Club House Dress Code. The Dress Code will be strictly enforced as of January 1, 2019.

  • Dining Room attire must be tasteful and reflect a Country Club atmosphere.
  • “Dressy” denim that is appropriate for dining at a Country Club is permitted. Cargo or sweat pants are not permitted.
  • Bermuda style or dress shorts are permitted in the dining room and bar until 5pm.
  • Athletic attire is not permitted in the dining room or bar.
  • Men may wear collarless dress shirts.
  • Sleeveless tee-shirts, men’s tank tops, and bare feet are not permitted.
  • All shirts must be tucked in except shirts that button all the way down and have an even hem all around that are intended to be worn out.
  • Men may not wear hats anywhere in the clubhouse except the pro shop.

Children of thirteen years of age and over are expected to abide by this Dress Code, children of all ages are expected to be dressed neatly and appropriately. Dress Code is also applicable to Guests. It is the responsibility of the host Member to inform Guests of Dress Code.

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