Located between the 11th and 15th holes at the Calabasas Country Club golf course, the Warner Ranch Stables are the last remaining structures from Warner Ranch, the studio’s movie ranch. Warner Ranch was the only movie ranch located within the present-day boundaries of Calabasas.

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In 1935, Warner Brothers purchased 500 acres near Calabasas Creek and the vicinity of Mulholland Drive and Valmar Road. Dubbed Warner Ranch, it eventually grew to 2,800 acres with numerous outdoor sets. One of several movie stars under contract with Warner Brothers was Errol Flynn. He filmed several motion pictures on the Warner Ranch in Calabasas, the first of which was The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Beautiful private country club.

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While he thought he was too British to play a cowboy, Warner Brothers cast him in several Westerns, which were all filmed at Warner Ranch. They include: Virginia City, San Antonio, Montana, and Rocky Mountain. Other movies filmed at least in part on the ranch included: Casablanca, National Velvet, The Santa Fe Trail, and Sergeant York.

Associated Southern Investment Company, a subsidiary of the Edison Company, purchased Warner Ranch in 1959 and began planning an all-electric subdivision for 15,000 inhabitants. The plan was stifled for several years by a battle with environmentalists.

Today, the community includes an 18-hole golf course, 21-acre lake, and several types of housing. Julian George designed the landscaping of the lake area in 1968. Robert Trent Jones and his son Robert Trent Jones, Jr. laid out the golf course that same year. The surrounding condominiums and town houses (1974 and later) were designed by Dorman/Muselle Associates in the Late Spanish Colonial Revival style.

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Each hole is named after a movie filmed here:

  • Hole 1 - Road to Rio
  • Hole 2 - Showboat
  • Hole 3 - So Big
  • Hole 4 - Danger Forward
  • Hole 5 - The Command
  • Hole 6 - The Iron Mistress
  • Hole 7 - Burma Road
  • Hole 8 - Giant
  • Hole 8 - Giant
  • Hole 10 - White Heat
  • Hole 11 - National Velvet
  • Hole 12 - Carousel
  • Hole 13 - Bright Leaf
  • Hole 14 - Good Earth
  • Hole 15 - Robin Hood
  • Hole 16 - High Noon
  • Hole 17 - Stalag 17
  • Hole 18 - The Miracle