In a time of increasing tension and uncertainty, most people are searching for some way to de-stress. Some of our favorite calming activities have been disrupted due to COVID-19, but there are still ways to take care of your mental health while protecting your physical health.

Believe it or not, playing a round of golf is one of the most relaxing activities available. Several studies have examined the benefits of golfing on your mental health, and the findings are clear. In addition to being a mental game that hones your ability to focus and strategize, golf allows you to engage in moderate physical activity that is ideal for nurturing your mental health.

The top 3 benefits

If you are wondering how playing golf can improve your mental health, there are a few simple answers:

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1. Reduces anxiety & stress

Not only does the physical activity reduce the effects of anxiety but getting exercise outdoors has been shown to greatly reduce stress and fatigue.

2. Provides social interaction

Though you can play golf on your own, it can also be a social sport. Social activity generates dopamine which is crucial for mood and pain reduction. Though Coronavirus has changed the way we socialize, you can still safely socially distance with a friend out on the course.

3. Improves depression

Studies show that moderate exercise compared to more rigorous routines can be beneficial for reducing symptoms of depression. Endorphins from a run are all well and good, but consistent, moderate exercise is helpful for a healthy mind and body.

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Your next therapy session is waiting

Feeling stressed, unmotivated, or on edge like we all do these days, you may benefit from playing golf to improve your mental health. Golf is a great way to get the benefits of exercise, fresh air, and socializing all in one. Furthermore, it’s relatively COVID safe and leaves plenty of room for social distancing.

Whether you hit the course alone or with a friend, you will be relaxing by the green instantaneously. Who needs therapy when you could book a tee time today and work out your anxieties on the golf course? At Calabasas Country Club you can partake in our pristine facilities and play a round on one of our beautiful courses. When you’re ready to start the road to relaxation, we’ll be waiting.

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