For a long time, Beverly Hills has held the title of richest city in America. The California suburb, home to many of the country’s rich and famous and a staple of pop culture, is synonymous with luxury. In 2020 Calabasas dethroned Beverly Hills and took its place as the most wealthy city, beating out the hills by $4,000. By 2021 more A-listers, like rap star Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones, joined the ranks of celebrity residents, elevating Calabasas to one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Calif.

When conversing about Calabasas vs. Beverly Hills, it’s easy for Calabasas to seem like the inferior option on the surface. After all, Calabasas is more rural than Beverly Hills and doesn’t boast the same nightlife scene as its neighbor. Furthermore, the newfound wealth and high profile clientele have brought with them a variety of new bars, restaurants and things to do. In the end, is Calabasas that different from Beverly Hills? Let’s examine the two cities and decide once and for all which is the true jewel of Los Angeles.

A beautiful country club in a beautiful area of the city with great history.

— David M.

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The friendly feud over Los Angeles

The Calabasas vs. Beverly Hills debate is a long held one and until recently it appeared that Beverly Hills was the clear winner. Between its A-list residents and mentions in pop culture such as Beverly Hillbillies, Beverly Hills Cop,and the homonymous Weezer hit, Beverly Hills was perceived as a chic and exciting place to live. Calabasas, by comparison, seemed like a sleepier section of SoCal. However, the more low-key energy of Calabasas can be quite appealing to the country’s wealthy.

Where celebrities choose to live is based on some key factors that are most appealing to them. Though most celebrities prefer to stay close to major cities like Los Angeles for professional or social purposes, many cite privacy as a main concern when deciding where to set down roots. In that case, Calabasas is a perfect option. Not only is it close to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, but its suburban, naturalistic aesthetic offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere compared to living in the big city.

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Ultimately, where you fall in the Calabasas vs. Beverly Hills debate is a matter of preference—are you looking for a quiet home life or an active nightlife? To us the choice is clear. Calabasas offers the same quality of shopping, food, drinks, and events as Beverly Hills while still giving you the option to cozy up peacefully in your home.

If those aren’t enough reasons to move to Calabasas, there is also a private club with a majestic golf course and all of the family amenities. Stop by Calabasas Country Club to inquire about the lifestyle it offers its club members.