California is famous for having beautiful weather regardless of the season, and Los Angeles is the peak of that stereotype. Whether it’s January or July you can expect it to be warm and sunny from Santa Monica to Calabasas. For golfers, this makes California perfect for hitting the course any time of year.

While other states and even other parts of California may see near freezing temperatures this winter, Calabasas weather averages around 45 degrees in the coldest months. It rarely dips below 38 degrees or passes 91, with a comfortable average high of 82 degrees. The summers can be arid, but the transition into fall brings cool, clean air. So, if you are looking for perfect year round weather for golfing, Calabasas is the place to be.

Summer weather in Calabasas

Summer weather in Calabasas often lasts well into the fall season, with warm temperatures lingering until October some years. The period between June and September are some of the best months to visit Calabasas and enjoy clear skies and a summer breeze. If you are thinking of taking a trip down to the San Fernando Valley for golf, there is no better time than the summer. However, if you don’t mind a bit of cooler climate, the temperate winters offer some refreshing golf weather as well.

"Winter" weather in Calabasas

Winter in Calabasas is not like winter in the rest of the country. Calabasas winters are long but moderate, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your outdoor hobbies due to harsh weather conditions. Membership at our Country Club provides you with the ability to play a round of golf on a December day without having to worry about heading home with frostbite.

Although the weather isn’t in the top 3 reasons people move to Calabasas it must be number 4. If you are looking for a place to visit this winter, take a chance on the Calabasas weather. Spend your holiday break enjoying the mild winter and its choice amenities. Who knows—you may run into a celebrity or two.