In the face of the shelter in place orders, many of us have resorted to more digital hobbies. Whether your pleasure is online shopping, social media, or video games, we’re all in search of safe, indoor activities. While it may feel like nothing but killing time, playing video games can actually translate into real life skills. 

With the advent of motion sensor technology, virtual golf is more similar to real golf than ever before. You can control your swing and putt much like you would on an actual course. It may even feel like you’re getting good practice in. But can video games make you better at golf in real life? Find out the secret behind getting better at golf at home. 

The study says...

A study in the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations reported a study on the impact of playing video games on putting ability. On average, participants who played the game with a motion sensor controller putted better than participants playing with a button controller and those who didn’t play at all. 

Challenging golf course with speedy greens. Great restaurant and bar, and the outdoor patio is perfect for hanging out.

— Sean O.

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Based on the data in the study, it appears that the motions involved in playing golf virtually are close enough to those used on the course. Therefore, playing motion sensor video games is actually helping you practice your techniques. So the next time someone tells you that you play too many video games, remind them that gamers are better golfers.

Prove it out on the course

Though golf video games can help you improve your swing consistency and putting skills, it’s no substitute for playing 18 holes in the fresh air. If you find the video games are getting tiresome, visit our Calabasas Golf Course. 

Calabasas Country Club offers stunning scenery, magical atmosphere, and updated safety procedures to ensure you can enjoy your game worry free. Still stuck at home? We also have a new home golfing video series so you can learn from the experts no matter where you are.

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