If you are a fan of celebrity golf events, you’ve probably seen Charles Barkley make an appearance on the green. The retired basketball player and sports commentator is something of a golf enthusiast. However, he has never had much success because he uses what some have called the ugliest golf swing, they’ve ever seen.

Barkley’s infamous swing is characterized by a hitch, which can take the form of a pause or jerking motion mid-swing. When Barkley was announced as a player in the Champions for Change match, many people were skeptical of how well he’d be able to perform. But, to our surprise, Charles Barkley fixed his golf swing in time for the game. We’re going to take a look at how Charles Barkley was able to take the hitch out of his swing.

No more hitch!

When you think of famous golf swings, you are probably reminded of all the celebrity golf tournaments that Charles Barkley has played. Before Barkley improved his swing, he was pretty funny to watch on the course. His swing had a distinct hitch that golf instructors have been unable to break him of. But when Barkley arrived at the match, the signature stop in his swing was nowhere to be seen.

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Golf fans and analysts were all eager to know how Charles Barkley fixed his swing. Some say that all he needed was a little coaching from Phil Mickelson, his partner in the match. Others argue that he simply changed his grip, and that made all the difference. While it is unclear exactly how he did it, we do know that Charles Barkley seems to be cured of his ugly swing.

Fix your grip

Charles Barkley isn’t the only one who needs to work on his swing. Plenty of golfers struggle with a hitch they cannot seem to get rid of no matter how much they change their grip. Fortunately, if you want to fix your golf swing hitch, it is possible to do it even without the help of Phil Mickelson.

At Calabasas Country Club we offer private golf lessons with expert instructors so you can get the guidance you need to improve. Whether you struggle with a hitch or any of the other common problems golfers experience, we’re here to help. So, if you are near Calabasas and want to take your golf game to the next level, it might be worth a trip to the country club.

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