We’ve made it through another season of holiday parties and winter gift exchanges and are finally ready to move into spring and eventually summer. However, a new season doesn’t mean an end to event planning. As Memorial Day and Labor Day approach, so too does the time for company picnics. Though a picnic may be more casual than a party, planning a company picnic takes just as much effort if you want it to run smoothly.

A company picnic can improve morale, foster collaboration and show your appreciation for your team. It’s an event where everyone from a workplace gathers to eat food and enjoy fun games and activities. And usually includes the employees’ spouse, partner and/or children.

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We have created a convenient company picnic planning checklist to help you put together a top notch event without the stress.

  • Venue: Be sure to choose a venue that will suit your event. For a picnic you’ll want a spacious outdoor location with room for seating and a beautiful view.
  • Date: Check the venue’s availability and the availability of your guests to set an according date.
  • Food and beverages: Give thought to food and drinks are both appropriate for the setting and appealing to your guests. Consider plant based or allergy friendly options as well as foods that are convenient for outdoor eating.
  • Decor: Such as tablecloths and other visual elements.
  • Invitation type
  • Timeline: For any activities or company announcements and when the food will be available.
  • And of course there are the basics: napkins, utensils, cups, plates, cutting board, clean up and cooking necessities, trash bags etc.
  • Don’t forget the condiments!

The fitness center is never crowded and my wife goes five days a week in what is a new facility with a dedicated staff.

— Mr. Potts

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Once you’ve figured out the essentials, you can consider extra amenities like entertainment and fun activities. For example, friendly competitions, team sports, and crafting are all popular picnic activities. You could even hire a live band to bring an added level of ambiance to your event. You may even want to have a playful theme to base the decorations or menu around.

Making it easy on you

Even with a checklist, making sure you’ve covered all the necessary details for your company picnic can be challenging. However, an established venue that regularly hosts events and has everything you need can make all the difference.

Our club has a reputation for being one of the best event venues in Los Angeles. As an indoor/outdoor event venue, the clubhouse boasts ample space for guests, a dance floor and areas to accommodate a live band or DJ. The club chef also offers a variety of catering menus to choose from or the option to create your own.

No matter what the style or needs of your company picnic, Calabasas Country Club can accommodate you. Contact us today to discuss availability and begin planning your best company picnic.

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