As we transition out of summer and into fall and winter, it’s time to start getting in gear for the corporate holiday party. December might seem far away, but it’s important to start planning and building checklists for the event ahead of time. Knowing the rules of your company and the limitations of your budget and venue will help you plan the party without a hitch. But party planning doesn’t come naturally to everyone; therefore it can be helpful to have a guide to follow. So here are our top tips for throwing the best corporate holiday party. 

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Every corporate holiday party guide starts with a budget. This will determine everything from the food to the seating and be your guideline as you go. Next, you’ll need to set a date. Choosing a date or range of dates will be necessary for choosing a venue, sending invitations and making the most of your budget. Finally, plan the nature of the events at your party. Will it be a sit down dinner? A cocktail mixer? A combination of both? Will it include music or games? Having a clear expectation will help you determine what amenities and activities to have for your attendees.

Of course, those three steps are a simplification of the party planning process. There are many specifics to keep in mind, such as the menu selection and seating arrangements. You may also need to create a schedule if you plan to have speakers, performers, or multiple activities at the event. Keeping a schedule can also help to avoid awkward lulls and party downtime. 

Great event coordinator. I would definitely recommend this venue for your next event.

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The most important part of preparing to book an event is selecting a location. For a corporate holiday event venue, you may want to opt for something that feels familiar but has the luxury and class expected from your business. 

Look no further than Calabasas Country Club. Not only will you and your guests enjoy the lovely Southern California scenery, but you will have access to all the top vendors and entertainers in Los Angeles. Furthermore, at Calabasas Country Club we boast stunning interiors, manicured grounds, and executive chef and expert staff, that will help take your event to the next level. Visit our site today to book your event.

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