With most states still under some form of shelter-in-place orders, people are learning to get creative regarding ways to stay in shape at home. And while golfers can absolutely benefit from maintaining fitness, they also need to keep their golf skills sharp during this period of time when the courses are closed. One very convenient option is to install a home putting green that allows you to work on your short game without ever leaving your own yard.

The concept of practicing golf at home is not new, but it's gained a lot of interest since the advent of the Coronavirus. Turning your yard into a putting green allows you to hone your putts, chip shots and flops/lobs, so that when your club does eventually open, you haven't missed a beat in the short game. 

Of course you have to have the space and at least a portion of relatively flat land to think about such an endeavor, and you need to be able to afford the cost of a home putting green.

Factors to consider

There are a number of factors that will determine a home putting green cost. One of the biggest is the total area of the green you'd like to install. Bigger putting greens require more materials and labor and the cost reflects that. 

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Pricing also varies depending on the site on which you've chosen to put the green. Accessibility to construction equipment and materials can have a big impact. If the site is difficult to access and/or requires quite a bit of preparation such as leveling a slope or adding retaining walls, the time it takes to build and the cost will both increase. 

Additional features, such as bunkers, tee boxes and water hazards will add to the overall project cost but will enhance the experience of putting at home. 

The rest of the golf course

Calabasas Country Club, one of California's best country clubs, is as anxious to get our members out playing at the golf course as they are. To protect the health of all Californians, however, we understand the need to limit exposure until the virus is contained. 

Practicing golf at home is a great way to fill the time between now and when we're all out on the beautiful CCC course again. And to help you keep your golf game honed, we offer a series on better ways to practice your golf game at home. Whether you're dealing with a pandemic or simply having trouble making it to the course as much as you'd like, having the tools to work on your game at home is valuable.

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