Most hobbyist golfers probably know the name of the course they play on. But do you know the name of each hole? For many golf courses, it’s tradition to name each hole according to a particular theme or reference. While it may not change your game, there are a few famous golf hole names that can connect you to the rich history of golf as you play.

Some of these names are self-explanatory, such as Brampton Park’s 16th hole, named “Badger Alley” due to its proximity to one of the UK’s largest badger colonies. Others, however, may be a bit more quirky, like the “Flowering Crab Apple” hole featured on the Augusta National course. Augusta National follows a floral theme for the names of each hole, with “Magnolia” and “Azalea” being two additional famous holes from the course. In fact, the Azalea hole is so iconic that Masters champion Sergio Garcia named his first child after it. Let’s take a look at a few more recognizable names from famous golf courses across the globe.

Others you may recognize

Many famous golf hole names can be found on the courses used to host tournaments. Some well-known offerings come from historic Scottish courses, including “Postage Stamp” and “Ginger Beer”. St. Andrew’s also boasts the “Tom Morris” and “Bobby Jones” holes in tribute to a pair of legendary golfers.

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Paired names are not uncommon, as Mannings Heath in England hosts two companion holes named “Sodom” and “Gomorrah”. Meanwhile, closer to home, the former PGA Cup venue Whistling Straits has taken a more tongue in cheek approach, dubbing the 18th hole “Dyeabolical” as an homage to its designer, Pete Dye.

It’s clear that there are a variety of recognizable holes on golf courses worldwide, but what is the all-time most famous hole in golf? Unfortunately, there may not be one true winner.

Our personal favorites

It’s difficult to provide a definitive ranking of all the most famous hole names in the world. Hole names are made famous because of the quality of the fairways, tee boxes, roughs and hazards, as well as the nature of the name itself. Furthermore, what resonates as iconic to one golfer might be forgettable to another. Though we cannot give you an answer to the most famous golf hole of all time, we can tell you some of our favorites.

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At Calabasas Country Club, we honor the history of our golf course as a Warner Bros shooting location with each hole. Every name corresponds to one of the classic movies shot on our grounds, including Road to Rio, White Heat, and The Miracle. If you’re interested in a dose of film history before you hit the green, consider joining us for a course tour to get acquainted with each hole and the stories that accompany them.