Have you ever had the feeling that, no matter how much you practice or play, you’re getting worse at golf? You have spent countless hours at the driving range or putting green, but all your efforts result in little more than a swing and a miss. You’re probably asking yourself what you’re doing wrong, why your game isn’t improving and is actually getting worse.

People tell you that practice makes perfect, but the truth is that practice makes permanent. If you’re practicing with the wrong form or mindset, you could be cementing bad habits that will hurt your score while playing. Instead, make your practice sessions deliberate and intentional with the goal of correcting mistakes and nurturing good habits. Not sure where to start? There are a variety of YouTube videos and articles like this one that can help teach you proper physical form and strategy. Stop watching your score go up, and start playing like a pro.

As a member, I truly love this club. Beautiful views, great golf, quiet gym, great social events, staff and quality dining. I appreciate the warm, inviting ambience every time I visit.

— Nicole H.

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If you are practicing in an inconsistent or inefficient way, no amount of hours will keep you from getting worse at golf. You’ll just keep getting higher and higher scores, resulting in greater frustration with the game. But how do you improve your practice routine?

The key to practicing the right way is specificity, focus, and feedback. Choosing specific performance goals to practice during a period of undisturbed focus will help you practice with intention. You want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but don’t forget to hone in on techniques that you do feel comfortable with as well. Comfort doesn’t always indicate competence. Of course, you can practice alone but having immediate feedback and expert coaching will jump start your progress and give you a mental standard to compare yourself to when driving or putting.

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Live in Southern California?

Not sure where to find qualified instructors to help you start getting better at golf? At Calabasas Country Club we offer individualized golf lessons with our expert professional staff. Once they evaluate your game, they will customize a plan to reach your goals.

Not only do we have excellent instructors ready to mentor you, but our facilities use state of the art technology to facilitate consistency and efficiency. Our performance center includes a private indoor putting green and a Trackman Launch Monitor that tracks your swing from club path and face angle to swing direction and spin loft. If you are looking for a fun, beautiful environment to practice golf, there’s no better choice than Calabasas Country Club.