As we all navigate the stay at home guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are struggling to keep busy and entertained. Because the lockdowns have effectively brought an end to many of our favorite pastimes, we have to adjust to new hobbies and activities that comply with social distancing best practices. 

Looking for a way to pass the time during quarantine, golf may actually be the perfect choice. Currently, several golf courses around the country are open and there are talks of reopening golf courses in California. You may be wondering, is golfing safe during the pandemic? Since golf is an outdoor sport that can be played with minimal contact with others, it may actually be the best sport to play while social distancing. Here’s what you need to know to have a safe, successful round on the course. 

Everyone working together

Playing golf may be more than a hobby for some, but during these times it is crucial to remember safety first. Golf courses that have stayed open in the face of lockdowns are taking careful precautions to protect the health of their visitors. In addition to providing screenings of guests and staff alike, golf course staff is required to wear gloves and masks to attend to visitors. 

The venue was beautiful and the food was exceptional, landscaping and golf course were breathtaking.

— Madison G.

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Social distancing at the golf course isn’t limited to the green. Golf courses have temporarily closed communal areas such as spas, locker rooms, and fitness areas. Furthermore, disinfectants are being used liberally to keep high traffic areas thoroughly sanitized.

Playing your best round yet

Playing golf and social distancing may go well together, but there are still steps we all need to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keeping your clubs and other gear clean, as well as practicing frequent hand washing will help reduce your risk of spreading or contracting the virus. If you like working with golf teachers, now is the perfect time to ditch the group lessons for some one on one practice. 

If you are not fortunate enough to have an open golf course nearby, you can get some valuable practice from the comfort of your own home. Pick up a home golfing practice setup to turn your backyard into a personal golf course. Whether you’re playing solo on the course or getting in a few shots at home, there are many ways to enjoy golf while still respecting social distancing guidelines.

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