When you hear the phrase “strength and conditioning” you probably think of bulky football players hogging the weight rack in the gym. But strength training is important for all athletes, not just those who play fast paced contact sports. Even golfers can benefit from these techniques. Being stronger helps you control the speed and distance of the ball, making you better at golf overall. 

Golfers like Jordan Spieth, Brooks Koepa, Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods all include strength, core and flexibility exercise as part of their training regimes. So, the next time you’re getting some practice in, try some exercises without the club. Here is a quick breakdown of all the golf strength and conditioning essentials that will take your swing to the next level.

What the pros work on

There are a few key areas to focus on when using strength and conditioning to improve golf performance. The first is motor control, or the ability to carry out efficient and precise movements. For golfers, experts recommend practicing pelvic rotation, torso rotation, pelvic tilt, and hip hinge. Having control over these movements will improve your form and give you more control over the ball itself.

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Mobility and flexibility are also crucial abilities for a golfer to develop. These skills have to do with your passive and active range of motion and play an important role in your golf swing. Through stretching and strength training, you and a trainer can work to gradually increase your range of motion.

The final ability golfers should develop is stability and balance. Like motor control, being able to maintain a position and isolate movement to one part of the body will give you greater control over the ball’s trajectory.

Working with a pro

Strength and conditioning is a practice that benefits all athletes, golfers included. Focusing on specific physical abilities will help improve your swing and give you more power and control over the ball. While it’s certainly possible to practice strength and conditioning on your own, enlisting the help of an experienced trainer will help you improve your game in no time. 

A strength and conditioning coach for golf is not only an expert in strength training, but knows what exercises are most useful for golfers. You and your coach can develop a personalized plan based on your goals and experience level. Don’t know where to find a quality instructor? Visit Calabasas Country club to meet with one of our expert Certified Golf Fitness Specialists and get started on your strength training journey today.

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