It may surprise you to learn that there is a lot of overlap between surfers and golfers. Many notable professional surfers have spoken about their love of golf and there are a few pros who dominate in both sports. Whether you are a surfer who wants to try playing golf or a golfer who is thinking about going surfing, picking a location for both activities is key.

There are only a few locations where you can actually get from the beach to the green in the same day. Southern California is one of the best places to go for people who have a mutual love of golf and surfing. Our members have the opportunity to play a round at Calabasas Country Club in the morning before catching some waves at one of the beautiful Malibu surfing spots in the afternoon. Here’s how to plan a full day of outdoor activity that takes you from the course to the coast in no time.

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18 holes

Start off the morning by booking one of our early tee times at the Club. Some golfers swear by playing golf in the morning, with fewer people, lower temperatures, and improved course conditions making it easier for some to achieve low scores. Playing golf in the morning is also an attractive option for anyone who wants to play a quick round, since the lack of crowds often allows them to breeze through the course.

Interested in killing time between the 18 holes and your trip to the beach? Take advantage of the dining services or fitness center at Calabasas Country Club. We even offer entertainment and courses for children and other non-golfers, making it a great destination for a family outing.

This golf course is extremely fun to play. Every hole is dramatically different from the next.

— Poe's

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Grab your wetsuit

After you’re done at the Country Club, take a trip down to the beach to ride some waves. Surfing after playing golf is a fantastic way to unwind, and surfing actually helps to strengthen some of the most important muscles for golf players. Calabasas Country Club is a short distance from Malibu, Santa Monica, and several other beautiful SoCal beaches, making it the ideal golf course for surfers.

The next time you’re in Southern California, take an opportunity to spend a day in the outdoors, and if you’re planning on staying in the area, consider joining Calabasas Country Club. Here you will be able to start your morning out on the green and then finish your day with the blue waves at Malibu. What other location could offer such a picture perfect day?

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