It’s springtime and a good time to inventory your golf essentials. For most people, a golf bag is packed with more than just clubs but sometimes less than they actually need. Some golfers may keep a more sparsely packed bag, but then struggle when they arrive at the course without the necessary items.

Packing your golf bag is especially hard for beginners. When preparing for a round of golf you want to ensure you have the necessities for the days’ weather and if you are walking or riding the course. Luckily, we’ve compiled all the best golf accessories into one handy list of what you need to bring along with options.

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More than you expected?

Did you ever stop to think about everything that is in your golf bag? For beginners, the necessities are reviewed below. For everyone, it’s a good time to include your golf bag in your spring cleaning.


  • Your favorite set of clubs or six to eight, the maximum is 14.
  • Golf balls (six is recommended).
  • Tees are often overlooked and give you an advantage.
  • Golfing glove or gloves (personal preference) for grip and to protect the skin.
  • Headcovers for those woods and hybrids.


  • Divot tools and ball markers are often sold as a pair.
  • Mini-sharpie to identify your balls on the course.
  • Golf towels, to dry your hands, to clean your clubs, to wipe your sweat away.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm for skin protection.
  • Band-Aids for blisters or other cuts and scratches.
  • Bug repellent.
  • Water or other to stay hydrated.

And depending on the season and forecast there are weather preparedness items to choose from.

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Building the perfect golf bag

If you are not sure how to pack the perfect golf bag, this list is a good place to start. However, we may have missed one of your personal golf course novelties or tech. Perhaps you want to add a bluetooth speaker or snacks to the mix or keep some business cards handy for those networking occasions. Your golf bag is supposed to serve you, so only you can decide what is absolutely essential.

Not sure what food will survive in your golf bag and keep you energized to play 18? Here is a list of the best snacks for the golf course.