With the Coronavirus pandemic currently in full swing, we are all having to work together to adjust to our new circumstances. Everyone, from politicians to our favorite celebrities, is telling us to “stay at home” and abide by state restrictions during this difficult time. 

Since golf courses closed due to COVID-19, amateur golfers across the country have been wondering how long until golf courses are able to reopen. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict when courses will start to reopen. The current estimate is around two months, though that may change as the situation develops.

California has been proactive with their guidelines

While only 16 states have officially prohibited golfing indefinitely, it is still recommended you limit your public activities and movements as much as possible for the foreseeable future. Social distancing while golfing is complicated by the fact that many golf courses are associated with country clubs and other public gathering spaces. Though golfing on an open course is relatively safe, there are still dangers of spreading disease in clubhouses, parking lots, or while golfing with others. 

Calabasas Film festival held an after party at this venue. The ambiance and greenery of this venue is beautiful!

— Kade B.

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California golf courses are among those that have been instructed to close, so if you were planning to hit the links in Los Angeles county you’re flat out of luck. Even if you can’t golf at the golf course, practicing from home will help keep your skills sharp and help you stay active. Whether you have open space outdoors or equipment to practice indoors, golfing at home is the next best thing. 

Golfing after the Coronavirus

Even when social distancing guidelines are lifted and golf courses begin to reopen, it is important to practice proper sanitization and take the necessary preventative measures. Using hand sanitizer regularly and cleaning club handles are just two of the many things you can do to help preserve the health and safety of your fellow golfers. There are also many habits you may have to consider revising until things clear up, including: high fives, handing a playing partner equipment they’ve left on the tee box or green, handling anyone else’s equipment, handling the pin, and picking up any golf ball other than your own-including that brand new, unclaimed ProV you find in the rough (unless you can sanitize immediately after). However, refining these habits is a small price to pay to get back to enjoying the game we love.

Our staff will also do their part to prevent the resurgence of the virus. When you are able to start golfing after the Coronavirus pandemic, you want to know that you’re golfing at a clean and safe country club. However, until shelter in place ordinances are lifted and life goes back to normal, you might want to consider a golf at home practice setup. That way, when you finally get down to the course after all this is over you won’t be out of practice.

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