With many of us restricted by shelter in place ordinances, we are discovering unforeseen limits on our day to day lives. For an amateur golfer who can’t make it to the golf course, this situation is not ideal. Being unable to hit the course indefinitely could really take a toll on any golfer’s progress, which makes practicing golf at home key. 

While anyone can practice chipping or putting from the comfort of their living room, practicing golf at home may be easier for some than for others. For those of us without yards or other outdoor space to play in, it is nearly impossible to practice full swing shots at home. However, with a golf practice net, practicing at home has never been easier. A golf net allows you to practice longer full swing shots indoors without damaging your home. Here’s everything you need to know about making the most of your golf practice net. 

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Common questions, answered

An impact net is one of the best tools for practicing your golf swing at home. If you’re new to using a practice net, you probably have some questions. You may be wondering how far to stand from your golf net or where to set it up. Whether you’re practicing indoors or outdoors, you should always set up your practice net in a safe place where there is the least risk of damage. Place the ball as close to the net as you can without hitting the net with your clubs. on your follow through. 

Nothing beats the real thing

Of course practicing your golf swing at home doesn’t compare to practicing at the course, but for the time being it will have to do. While we are limited by self-quarantine, improving your golf game from home with a practice net may be the best alternative to keep your skills sharp. If you practice at home now, when getting back on the golf course becomes an option again you’ll be ready. So until you can blow your friends away on the course, you’ll have to put in the work at home.

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