So, you’re getting ready to hit the golf course for the first time in a while and you want to make sure you have everything you need. Your golf clubs, balls, and bag have all been accounted for. You probably even have snacks and water ready to go if the mood strikes. But did you remember to pack your golf towel?

To some, a golf towel seems like nothing more than an overpriced piece of cloth that sits at the bottom of your golf bag. But those people likely don’t actually know what a golf towel is used for. You can infer, of course, that it’s used for cleaning and drying, but it’s not like a towel can make or break your golf game, will it? In fact, it may surprise you to know that a golf towel is an essential piece of maintaining your golf clubs. Dirty golf clubs can adversely effect your shots and depreciate their value over time. And the appearance of your clubs makes a good first impression.

I can’t thank you enough for all the hospitality and the great experience my guests and I had. All staff were very pleasant and friendly. The Golf Towels were a nice surprise!

— Sun Y.

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It's not just for your clubs

Did you know that a dirty, wet golf club can actually ruin an otherwise perfect shot? Buildup of grass, dirt, and moisture in the grooves of your clubs can affect both spin and control, especially irons and wedges. That’s what makes using a golf towel so important. Playing with a clean club ensures it will perform at full potential so you can have a better round. At Calabasas Country Club, every member, and their guest is given a personalized complimentary golf towel.

A golf towel can do more than keep your clubs clean. A moist grip doesn’t do your swing any favors and neither does having sweat dripping into your eyes, so use a towel to keep your hands and face dry. We recommend having multiple golf towels if you intend to use one on your skin. Not sure where to store all these towels? Many golf towels come with carabiners, clips, or magnets in order to attach them to the rings on your golf bag. Now you can keep your clubs clean and dry without taking up excess space in your bag.

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What else is in that bag?

Now that you have freed up some room in your bag, is there anything else worth bringing to the golf course? When it comes to what to carry in your golf bag, most people’s minds go straight to clubs, balls, and towels. But there are so many more things you can bring to enhance your playing experience. Check out our ranking of the best golf snacks to get some ideas about taking your tee time to the next level. Have a good round and keep it in the fairway.