If you are in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, learning to play golf may seem like an impossible task. Everyone thinks an old dog can’t learn new tricks, and sports are better left to the young. However, your age should never prevent you from enjoying the best game on earth.

For many people, retirement signals an opportunity to develop new skills and hobbies. So, if you’re in or approaching your retirement years, there is no better time to learn golf. Golf is a great way to get some exercise, challenge your mind and body, and socialize with other golfers. All you need is a set of clubs and some free time.

You can do it, but first...

For anyone intent on learning to play golf after 60, we recommend you talk to your doctor first. While golf may not be as strenuous as some other sports, you still need to be in good health to play safely. Once you get the OK from your physician, it’s time to hit the course.

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When you first start playing, remember to take your time and learn the basics. Rushing through the necessary training will hurt your score and lead to sloppy mistakes. If completely new to the sport, you may want to take golf lessons. Whether you prefer working with an in person trainer or online references, there are a ton of resources available for people interested in learning golf.

What's higher? Your score or your age?

Though your opportunities to play golf professionally may be slim as a 60 year old, you can start playing golf for fun at any age. Learning to play golf is a rewarding activity that will benefit you for years. Wondering where to start on your golf journey? We recommend finding a golf course.

At Calabasas Country Club we not only offer beautiful courses and individual instruction, but a whole variety of other amenities fit for the whole family. Take a break from the green to enjoy a meal off our delicious menu or take a look at our health and fitness center. Our country club has a little something for everyone to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Great but tricky course. Most holes were short but were very tight. Loved the fairways and the practice facility. One star off for the rough...

— Local Guide

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