If you grew up in a family of golfers, as a kid you may have watched your parents and others enjoy playing golf and have fond memories of the sport. Most children would be utterly bored by something like golf and subsequently be less inclined to give the sport a try. But the day may come where, as an adult, you need to hit the golf course with your boss or with friends.

If you are playing with serious golfers, they will probably be interested in setting a handicap, beating a personal best, or trying to achieve tournament quality golf skills. For the casual player, these technicalities can suck the fun out of what would otherwise be a pleasant outing. Tired of choosing between a boring round of golf and your social standing? We are here to help you make the choice easier and make golf fun again. Here are our tips for getting the most enjoyment out of a game of golf, even if you’re not typically a fan of the sport.

Our 5 tips

1. Play golf with friends

Most things are more enjoyable with company, and golf is no different. Make a social event out of going to the golf course or join another group once you arrive. Not only will they help you pick up the sport faster, but they’ll help pass the time spent walking between shots.

2. Don't try to go pro

The quickest way to take the fun out of a casual golf game is to take it too seriously. Don’t worry about the perfect form and strategy, and don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, just have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Keep it moving

If you want to avoid spending upwards of six hours on the golf course, try to keep a steady pace as you play through. Don’t stop to agonize over ball placement or wind speed. Just relax your expectations and play the game in a way that feels natural to you.

4. Read up

Nervous about knowing all the tips and trends that your fellow golfers are concerned with? Take a moment to read up on golf news. Between newsletters, articles, and videos, there are plenty of accessible materials for anyone interested in studying up on golf.

5. Come prepared

Feeling prepared for a game of golf will help your score. Having the right equipment can boost confidence as well as efficiency on the course. Most golf games will last at least a few hours, so you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable and competent the entire time.

Enjoying all 18 holes

The secret to making golf fun again is allowing yourself to have fun. Sure, golf can be a difficult game, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you aren’t interested in improving your personal score, there’s plenty of benefit from time outside in the fresh air with serene beauty surrounding you.

Not sure how to prepare for your tee time? One of the most important things to think about is staying hydrated and nourished throughout the game. Having a drink and a snack in your golf bag will come in handy once the sun and exercise set in. Forgot to pack some, no problem, visit our Snack Bar to pick up the best golf course snacks.