Most people make a habit of playing golf in the summer, but lovely weather and ample vacation time can lead to crowded golf courses that make playing through a challenge. As a result, many golfers swear by playing in winter months, as long as the weather allows. During the off-season, it’s easier to get tee times and courses will be less crowded, particularly as we approach the holiday season.

Some people consider December 24th the best day to play golf. To others it may seem in poor taste to play golf on Christmas Eve day. But if the golf course is open, why not take advantage of an all but empty course and play a few rounds?

Love the Calabasas Country Club! Great place to have your golf events, parties, or even a wedding.

— Josef S.

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Ho Ho Hole-In-One

For people who don’t celebrate Christmas, playing golf during the holidays is no big deal. However, if you typically celebrate with your family or friends, you might be wondering if it’s actually acceptable to play golf when you may have visitors in town. But why shouldn’t it be? Golfing can be a great activity for couples, a father and son, or a larger group outing. If you have young children, they may be more interested in the 9 reindeer than playing 9 holes, but many courses have amenities for everyone in the family to enjoy. While some of you play through the course, others can take advantage of the restaurant or fitness center on site.

Make it a new tradition

Playing golf on Christmas Eve day can become a new family tradition if the weather (and your family) is agreeable. Some of us may live in climates where playing golf in December is out of the question, but others might enjoy warm weather year round. If you expect snow or rain at your local course this winter, you may have to travel further afield to find a dry, sunny course to play on.

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If you are looking for reasons to move to Calabasas, CA, the year round sunshine should be top of your list. Furthermore, Calabasas is home to luxurious golf courses and neighborhoods to match. It’s a golfer’s paradise throughout the year. Don’t believe us? Take a trip with the family to Calabasas Country Club and take a tour of our beautiful golf course and family friendly amenities firsthand.