Playing golf after major surgery may sound like a less than wise choice, but there are actually some cases where a surgery can improve your golf skill. Most golfers are aware that hip rotation is key to an efficient and effective swing. As a result, hip damage and other such joint problems can take a toll on your performance on the course. A hip replacement surgery may actually resolve issues you were having prior to the procedure.

Obviously, it will take some time for your body to be in good enough shape to get back out on the golf course. Many golfers choose to undergo surgery in the winter, so they are recovered by the spring. Of course, it’s important to get your doctor’s approval before taking any major swings, no pun intended. With the proper recovery process and the advice of a trusted physician, you will be hitting the ball like your old self in no time.

Getting back into the swing of things

Once one has had a hip replacement, there are some steps one may take to help the body adjust before picking up that club again. Most surgeons recommend at least a three month recovery period of regular exercise. Depending on when the surgery is performed, it could be long enough for some good weather to roll around.

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After your doctor determines that it’s safe to resume low impact exercise, we recommend getting some practice in before you get back on the course. Taking some time to practice your swing with good equipment in hand will help you acclimate before taking on an eighteen hole game. Try a few easy swings and see how the motion feels before you push yourself. Consider altering your swing, since your old form may not be as practical with a new hip.

Safety first

Safety is paramount after hip replacement surgery, and you don’t want to overexert yourself before your body is able to handle it. Taking some time after the surgery for reworking your swing and other swing evaluation measures will not only help you adjust to the movements necessary for golf, but it will help you keep from reinjuring yourself.

Various tools and accessories such as golf carts, good shoes, and a good caddy can help reduce some of the strain on the body if you do find yourself experiencing pain or discomfort during a game. Need help adjusting your swing to accommodate your hip replacement? Consult an experienced golf professional for assistance finding a stance and a swing that works for you, not against you. Visit Calabasas Country Club to start your individual instruction today.

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