Anyone who’s familiar with the conditions knows that having Parkinson’s takes a severe toll on your mobility. People with Parkinson’s experience tremors, stiffness, and slowness of movement, which may impair their ability to exercise and participate in fun activities. Living with a chronic illness can produce many complications that lead to stress, and stress has been shown to worsen Parkinson’s symptoms.

There are a few activities experts suggest to help people with Parkinson’s improve mobility and balance while decreasing stress. Tai chi has been the prevalent recommendation, but recent studies suggest that playing golf may be even more effective. If you’re asking yourself why that is, the answer is simple: people find golf more fun.

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Fun, not frustration

Playing golf with Parkinson’s isn’t about mastering the game; it’s about having fun and promoting healthy habits. Most people with Parkinson’s do not get enough exercise due to the difficulties with movement, tremors, and balance that make up the condition. However, research shows that non-contact and low impact exercise can lead to improvement in motor skills and quality of life in Parkinson’s patients.

Though studies have examined the effects of activities like table tennis and tai chi, results indicate that patients were more likely to complete golf programs than other sports. Golf is an exceedingly popular sport among older adults, which may explain why Parkinson’s patients enjoy the game so much. Additionally, the option to play outdoors in nice weather with friends or family may make golf more appealing than other activities. The general consensus seems to be that golf is not only beneficial for people with Parkinson’s, but also enjoyable.

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Getting better every weekend

You may not see results immediately after your first round of golf, but over time you’ll build concentration, balance, and muscles for golf. Playing golf with Parkinson’s is about slowly building skills and habits that can help lessen your symptoms. If you’re interested in spending some time with friends or solo in the beautiful California weather, our members can take full advantage of Calabasas Country Club for a round of golf on our gorgeous course. Not sure where to start with the game? Take advantage of our expert instructors. No matter what your skill or comfort level, anyone can have an enjoyable time at the club.