Most golfers have a pre-round stretch or a few warmup swings they do before playing 18 holes of golf. But do you have a post golf workout? Even though you may be tired after playing a round of golf, working in a few stretches before you leave the course can actually help you feel better.

Not only does stretching following exercise work to reduce lactic acid and prevent soreness, but it can help limit the muscle and joint strain many golfers experience at the end of the day, as well as get your heart rate back to a normal level in a healthier manner. There are a few stretches that every golfer should incorporate into their postgame routine. 

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Stretches and exercises

Your post golf stretching should address some key areas. We recommend starting with some windmill stretches, touching one hand to your opposite foot. This stretch is good for your hamstrings and hips, two areas that are integral to the golf swing.

Side twists and bends are also good for stretching the muscles involved in your golf swing. Incorporating a figure four stretch into your routine can be beneficial as well. Figure four stretches are essentially a type of squats that works on your hips and glutes, which will help reduce soreness after walking the course. 

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Continued improvement

The most important muscles for golf are the ones that are going to be the most sore, making it that much more important to stretch properly before and after. Stretching and exercising the right areas will not only have you playing better golf, but with reduced strain on your body you’ll likely be able to start playing more golf with less discomfort.

Looking for help with your pre/post golf routines? At Calabasas Country Club we offer a variety of fitness classes designed to work out the muscles involved in playing golf. We also have several expert instructors who can give one on one tips to bring your golf swing to the next level. Contact us to find out how to take advantage of our beautiful 18 hole course and other amenities.

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