Playing golf with your boss is a time honored tradition and can be a great way to professionally bond and network with your superiors. However, the etiquette of playing against your boss can be confusing. Is letting your boss win at golf the right way to make a good impression?  Or is it better to go all out in an attempt to win?

You may be reluctant to beat your boss in golf for fear of hurting their ego and jeopardizing your standing within the company. Coming across as showy or overly competitive could make you look bad, and lead to a tense, unpleasant game for everyone involved. However, intentionally putting poorly or driving a ball into the trees in order to boost your boss’s self-esteem may not be the way to gain respect either. 

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A lower score could mean higher respect

Beating your boss at golf isn’t necessarily a one way ticket to an early retirement. Giving your all in the game may actually win your boss over more than intentionally losing the game would do. 

However, it is usually best to leave choosing the format of the golf game to your boss. If they indicate that they want to play a fun, relaxed game, trying to win at all costs is not the right move. But your boss may get the most out of the game by keeping score, in which case competitiveness is the key to earning their respect. 

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Putting in the work before your big game

Before you can think about playing with your boss, you must improve your golf game. Getting better at golf is crucial to making a good impression, regardless of the game’s outcome. Win or lose, your boss will respect your skill and commitment to the sport. 

If you’re new to golf or just need a little help brushing up on your game, you may want to take lessons with a professional. Calabasas Country Club provides a first rate golf academy that can help you play your best and impress your boss on the course. 

Well rounded, individual instruction will not only allow you to improve your game but will let you enjoy golf more. Before hitting the course to play an important game with your boss, invest in private golf lessons at Calabasas Country Club.