If you live in or near Thousand Oaks, you’re probably familiar with some of the golf courses in the area. While Thousand Oaks is a perfectly lovely city, its golf courses may leave something to be desired. Fortunately, Thousand Oaks residents are only a few miles away from some of the best country clubs in Los Angeles. 

Whether you’ve been feeling dissatisfied with the golf courses in Thousand Oaks or simply want a change of scenery, Calabasas Country Club is the place to go. Calabasas Country Club is near Thousand Oaks and offers a beautifully designed course featuring 18 holes. If you’re ready to branch out to bigger and better courses, visit the Calabasas Country Club Golf Course.

The course is worth the short drive

With shelter in place orders still in effect, you’ve probably been looking for a way to get away from the mundanity of your neighborhood and, by extension, your neighbors. We’ve all had that awkward moment where we run into someone we know while we’re just trying to play through the course. But when you golf in Calabasas, you get the privacy you need to focus on your game. 

Nice place. Fun course and very helpful staff

— Mauricio L.

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The drive from Thousand Oaks to Calabasas is a small price to pay for the state of the art dining hall and fitness center at Calabasas Country Club. Enjoy our spectacular views as you chose from our extensive menu or order takeout for convenience. We even have lessons and events tailored to children so the whole family can join the fun. 

Or just move here!

Once you set foot on our golf course, you won’t ever want to leave. And lucky for you, you don’t have to. Can’t get enough of the beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and perfect weather? Consider joining our Calabasas community! 

In addition to country clubs, Calabasas’ reputation for being safe, private, and luxurious is among the top reasons people move to Calabasas. And if you decide to take up residence here, you can join the Calabasas Country Club and get the most out of our venue and amenities. Don’t wait; visit the Calabasas Country Club to find out everything we have to offer.

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