With the cold weather setting in, many golfers are going to have to find a way to engage with their hobby from home. Some people may have putting or chipping equipment, or even a golf simulator to allow them to play from home. However, for those of us that don’t have the funds or space for at home golf accessories or live in year good climate, it may be hard to get enough golf in during the winter.

Get some more practice in during the winter. There are plenty of movies about the game of golf that you can catch up on from home. While even the best movies about golf aren’t a substitute for visiting our beautiful Calabasas golf course in Los Angeles County, they are a way to think and learn about golf from the comfort of your home. See what the movie industry has to offer in the way of golf films, and you may even find one of your new favorites.

There is more than just Caddyshack

Most golfers and non-golfers alike are probably familiar with Caddyshack, which is one of the funniest and most popular golf movies ever made. Many people consider it one of the best golf movies ever made. However, the list of golf comedies only begins there. Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup are other golf movies with a comedic tone, with Tin Cup leaning more in the direction of a romantic comedy.

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If comedy isn’t what you’re in the mood for, there are also a wealth of dramatic golf movies to choose from. The Greatest Game Ever Played is a biopic based on amateur golf champion Francis Ouimet’s win at the U.S. Open. Additionally, From the Rough is a drama based on the story of Catana Starks, an ex-swim coach turned barrier-breaking golfer. As you can see, there are golf movies from every genre and every era, so there’s something that can appeal to everyone.

If you like golf and movies...

If you’re looking for a way to bring more golf into your home, movies are a fantastic way to do so. There are several excellent movies about the game of golf that are suitable for new players and pros alike, making film a great way to engage with the sport when you can’t make it out onto the course.

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Want to combine your love for golf and movies in a more active way? Come on down to Calabasas Country Club. In addition to being one of the best golf courses in Southern California, the course was part of a film backlot. To pay homage to the course’s origins, Calabasas Country Club features 18 holes named after classic movies. Visit the club to play a cinematic round of golf that will have you feeling like a character in a film.