Every longtime golfer fantasizes about having a backyard golf course. Being able to play nine or eighteen holes from home without the inconvenience of waiting, crowds, or fees sounds like a dream come true. But how many acres of property do you need to make that possible? 

You should have enough land for an adequate distance to the hole, or else your course will be easy and boring to play through. You also need to consider the cost and time required to build the infrastructure and maintain the grounds. If you’re thinking of building your own golf course, read on for a breakdown of what a DIY golf course entails. 

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Yes, but it's expensive

If you want to turn your backyard into a golf course, you’ll have to do some serious budgeting. Not only will you need a large amount of space, but you’re going to need a hefty sum of money as well. The median cost to build your own golf course is $14 million dollars, with the lowest priced options coming in at a cost of about $7 million. Building the green alone can cost up to $60 per square foot. 

Additionally, you need at least 100 acres of land for a standard 9 hole course. For an eighteen hole course, it's recommended between 140 and 180 acres minimum. That amount of space should fit the course, practice greens, fairways, and driving range. But building the golf course is just the beginning. 

FORE! Nice Fairways and Greens! Always a nice Place to play a round with the guys, then play at the Bar.

— Bones

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Constant maintenance

After construction is finished comes the task of maintaining a personal golf course. This requires a lot of continued labor such as clearing trees and other obstructions, rock blasting to shape the fairways earth moving should soil need to be relocated and allowing for the grass to grow. Erosion control is also a main component of golf course maintenance.

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