The Masters tournament is a platform for golfers to showcase their talents, and is often considered the height of any golfer’s career. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Masters has been rescheduled from April to November. Despite this rare date change, you can expect to see all your favorite players showcasing their skills on the course. But The Masters isn’t just a gathering of all the strongest golfers we already know and love. 

In addition to the likes of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus—the usual favorites to win at The Masters—we also want to celebrate some of the biggest underdogs to win at The Masters. When we’re considering the odds of who is going to win The Masters this year, we can’t discount the possibility of an underdog claiming the win at Augusta. Here are some of our favorite underdog upsets to inspire your golf game. 

The biggest upsets make for the most exciting golf

One of the biggest upsets in Masters History was as recent as four years ago. Though he may not top anyone’s list of people who have won The Masters tournament, the title was claimed by Danny Willett in 2016. Not only did Willett sink three birdies and achieve a five shot lead, his opponent was playing so badly he couldn’t even bear to watch. 

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Before Willett, The Masters was won by Trevor Immelman in 2008. The South African golfer had undergone surgery only four months prior. Despite his condition, he was able to take home a major win against Tiger Woods himself. 

Arguably the most significant underdog win in all of professional golf was that of Larry Mize in 1987. Mize landed an iconic 140 yard shot, chipping the ball into the hole to earn an impressive birdie. Based on these examples, it’s obvious that there are plenty of underdog golfers who can win at The Masters. The question is, what does it take to become one?

Were you the underdog in your last foursome?

If you’re consistently getting the highest score in your foursome, you might be the underdog of the group. But constantly losing at golf can be very demotivating. Stop wondering why you just can’t make par and try individual golf instruction in Calabasas. 

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Not only will working with an instructor help you go from losing to being the underdog to beat, but it will make golfing fun again. With help from our personal instructors at Calabasas Country club, you can count on surprising your golf group the next time you hit the course. You’ll be one step closer to becoming the type of underdog who could even win The Masters someday.