As virtual reality games become increasingly popular, the options for VR sports continue to grow. Even though virtual reality is obviously not the real thing, it’s closer to real than ever before. Many VR sports games rely on realistic physics and include a variety of game modes to choose from.

Virtual reality golf has come a long way, and there are some great options out there for golfers who double as gamers. Most VR golf games place an emphasis on learning the game in a fun, user friendly way. They often include settings to practice swinging a club or putting, as well as beautifully designed courses to play through. While video games are no substitute for firsthand practice, VR is an excellent way to keep your mind on the green even when your body is off it.

Not quite the real thing

There are some clear pros and cons to playing VR golf. For serious golfers, there’s no comparison to actually getting out on the golf course and feeling the weight of the club in your hands. It’s the best way to practice and improve your game. However, not everyone has a golf course nearby or is otherwise able to play an in-person round of golf.

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Though playing in your living room may not be the perfect analog to playing on a course, it’s a terrific way to get your daily dose of golf. Breaking out the headset on a winter day allows you to enjoy eighteen holes and avoid the cold at the same time. Additionally, playing golf games will help keep your mind on the sport which is crucial for building an effective golf strategy to take to the course.

CR Golf

As technology continues to advance, we may see the quality of VR golf games improve to near futuristic levels. CR, or cinematic reality, is a new innovation in the virtual reality industry. This would allow users to interact with hyper-realistic digital elements to supplement a real world environment, like hitting a digital ball with a real club.

Until cinematic reality reaches the virtual sports space, golfers will have to be content with a different kind of CR golf: Calabasas Reality. While you can’t visit Calabasas Country Club by putting on a headset, it is an excellent course to practice and play golf. Club membership gives you access to our beautiful golf courses, exclusive personal instructors, and a variety of other amenities for the whole family to enjoy. So, while you wait for video game physics to match those of the real world, try playing a few holes at Calabasas Country Club. The green is so picturesque, it may as well have been designed by a game developer.

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