When you think about the top golf courses in the world, what do they have in common? Is it the stunning scenery, the strategic arrangement of holes and hazards, or the inclusion of private courses and exclusive tee times?

Perhaps you’re interested in the variation of the course layout or prefer long or short courses. Or maybe your primary concern is membership, and whether or not the golf course is open to the public.

There are lots of logistical factors that may attract players to a golf course, but when it comes to what makes a golf course great, there is one factor that stands out from the rest: character.

It's all about character

“Character” can be easy to spot but hard to define, making it difficult to understand what makes a golf course great. Even Golf Digest pros who are responsible for ranking America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses struggle to identify what qualifies a golf course beyond measurable criteria.

Beautiful private country club.

— Jodie F.

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Sure, you can rank hole structures and other physical aspects of the course, but how do you determine if it has that special X factor? How do we identify the popular characteristics that pros and amateurs alike can agree are truly great?

According to Golf Digest’s criteria, character is described as how much a golf course can “exude ingenuity and uniqueness and profess profound characteristics that you would consider outstanding.” Though that answer might still be a bit vague, it puts words to the feeling of stepping onto a truly stunning golf course. It’s this unmistakable distinctiveness which sets courses apart, making them not just places to play, but destinations to remember.

What makes Calabasas Country Club great?

Calabasas Country Club, like any great golf course, is defined by its character. Not only does our club boast 18 holes, but it offers a variety of membership amenities for players and their families to enjoy. But what really shows that our golf course has character is the history of famous movies shot on its land.

Calabasas Country Club sits on the plot that once held the Warner Ranch, Warner Brothers Studios’ 2,800 acre ranch dedicated to numerous outdoor sets. Though the ranch itself no longer remains, our golf course is a tribute to its memory.

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Each hole is named after one of the movies whose memorable characters graced the green, including Showboat, White Heat, and Robin Hood. Talk about character! If you’re interested in enjoying our star studded golf course and luxurious clubhouse, visit our site today to learn more about membership.

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