If you have ever spoken with a golfer or played the sport yourself, you likely know how frustrating the sport can be. It may seem counterintuitive; after all, you are playing by yourself with no time pressure or referee yelling at you from the sidelines. At face value, golf seems like a relaxing outdoor sport to play at your leisure. But once you hit the green, it becomes all too clear that golf isn’t as simple as it may seem.

The frustration of golf may push players to quit the sport altogether. But if you’re focused on not giving up it can be difficult to hang in there. Learning how to handle frustration is going to be crucial for maintaining your enjoyment of and continuing to play golf. So, what makes golf so difficult, and how can you get past those difficulties? Here are our tips for staying sane on the golf course, no matter how good of a round you play.

It's beyond your control

What makes golf so hard is actually the same thing that makes it so enjoyable: there are many conditions and variables that can impact your gameplay, and no one accountable for the ball but yourself. You have to choose the right golf club for each shot, navigate the different types of terrain, and make judgments that will impact your score. There are also obstacles like water and bunkers to watch out for, adding another layer of complication to your strategy.

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In addition to the mental and physical effort of playing golf, you have to figure out how to have fun on the course without sacrificing the game. For some, golf is a social sport, requiring the player to manage their focus between social etiquette and the ball in front of them. If you are playing golf competitively you also need to learn how to play well under pressure and scrutiny. These things can be hard to plan for during practice so, to some extent, you really need to play through a course to learn how to thrive under different conditions.

Schedule a golf lesson

Wondering what is the best way to go about learning how to play golf? You may benefit from individual golf instruction. One of the most frustrating things about golf is learning through trial and error, and an instructor will observe, analyze and help you with your golf grip, swing, stance, and more.

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Or for those that want to improve their current game, our golf professionals will also observe, analyze and then set goals for you to lower your score. And by having someone to help you master the mechanics, you can focus more on your individual quirks and handicaps to improve your short and long game.

Ready to take your game to the next level? Visit Calabasas Country Club to take advantage of our beautiful golf course, golf academy staff, and performance center for golfers.

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