Los Angeles is home to a wide variety of people in the entertainment industry, from directors and producers to actors and dancers. You yourself might be part of the industry, lending your services to tv shows, movies, and other major productions. If so, you probably work closely with a team of cast and crew members who you may grow close with over the course of a project.

Being part of a stage or screen performance is a lot of work and often requires months or even years of work to pull off. As a result, it’s customary to throw a wrap party at the end of production. A wrap party is a time honored tradition that allows cast, crew, and loved ones to let loose and bring the project to a close. If you’re nearing the end of a big production, you might be wondering how to throw a party that your team will look back on fondly for years to come. Let’s brainstorm how to throw the perfect wrap party in Los Angeles.

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More than just a party

Depending on the size of the production, wrap parties can be fairly big events. Many casts hold the wrap party at the theater or studio where they performed, though others will rent out a venue or private room for the celebration. You can expect plenty of food and drink, heartfelt speeches and stories about the cast and crew, and maybe even cast awards from the director. There may be activities like karaoke or photo booths to commemorate the event as well. It’s also common for the director to pick a personalized wrap gift for each cast and crew member to thank them for their participation.

In order to ensure your wrap party goes off without a hitch, consider surveying the cast and crew to find out how many people will be attending and if there are any dietary preferences you need to consider. If there will be kids at the party, make sure that there are child-friendly options available. If you’re catering to adults, however, don’t be afraid to keep the drinks flowing. You may even want to offer a custom cocktail or appetizer themed around the show.

Calabasas Film festival held an after party at this venue. The ambiance and greenery of this venue is beautiful!

— Kade B.

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The perfect end scene

Club members book private parties of all types. Our executive chef will accommodate your dining needs whether buffet-style or a formal seated dinner. The stunning views of the club are the perfect backdrop to any special event. Located off the 101 in Calabasas, you will be in close proximity to Downtown Los Angeles and Ventura or take the scenic route up the coastline and through the lush mountain scenery. We are well versed in the entertainment industry and are fully equipped to provide catering and special event services to you and your crew.

Whether you are coordinating a wedding, corporate event, golf tournament or throwing a wrap party, Calabasas Country Club membership has you covered year round.