One thing all golfers know, beginner and advanced players alike, is that flexibility is crucial to the golf swing. There are certain positions that both improve performance and reduce the risk of injury, and being flexible enough to reach those angles will help take your swing to the next level. Most of the pros you see on a PGA tour have a specific exercise regimen designed to improve flexibility, strength, and range of motion. It may or may not surprise you that yoga is an important part of those routines.

Yoga for golfers is nothing new; several PGA and US Open winners have described using yoga poses to benefit their swing. If your range of motion is impending your ability to make a successful shot, incorporating some yoga stretches into your routine could make all the difference. Here are the best yoga poses to help golfers improve their stance, hip rotation, and lower body strength.

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If you are interested in yoga for golfers specifically, there are a few poses you should add to your repertoire. Downward-facing dog is a relatively well known yoga pose that works to strengthen your shoulder flexion. If you feel pain or tightness during your swing, this pose can help open up those tense areas.

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Fish pose is an excellent stretch for the full upper body, particularly targeting the upper back and improving posture. If you experience a lot of back pain or strain, cat pose is also a good stretch to know. This pose improves spine mobility and releases tension in the back.

Golfers need a strong core in order to properly rotate their swing, and boat pose is great for developing core strength. This stretch focuses on increasing balance and stability, which will do wonders for your swing.

Lower body strength is also important for proper swing rotation. A low lunge will help stretch your thighs and hips, as well as opening the chest to release upper body tension. If you want to work on your legs and arms simultaneously, a reverse plank will help strengthen the wrists, shoulders, and legs.

To stretch out your entire body, try the bow pose. This pose stretches the core, chest, shoulders, hips, and legs. The posture also strengthens back and thigh muscles. Some people may feel discomfort in this pose, but it can easily be modified to reduce strain.

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Practicing yoga is an excellent way to improve rotation in your shoulders and hips, as well as muscle strength throughout the body. Furthermore, it can help you adjust your posture to better avoid injury on the course. Golfers like Phil Mickleson and Michelle Wie West both swear by yoga as a fitness practice.

Want to try out a few of these yoga poses? Visit the health and fitness center at Calabasas Country Club. Our members have access to one on one training sessions, and a robust schedule of fitness classes for groups. These classes include different skill levels of yoga, as well as a specific yoga class for golf performance.

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