Last year’s Masters Tournament had to be rescheduled due to Covid, and only players and essential personnel were allowed to attend. This year, however, the famous golf tournament plans to reopen for limited in person attendance. While this policy is subject to change depending on their ability to host the tournament safely, the current plan is to allow a select number of ticket holders to attend.

The Masters is being held this year from April 8th – 11th in Augusta, GA. Though 2020 ticket holders who were unable to attend were told their tickets would be valid for 2021, there are more ticket holders than can safely be accommodated. The Augusta National Golf Club is planning to hold a lottery to determine who is able to attend, and other patrons will have their tickets refunded. Although you may not be able to go to The Masters this year, we have the inside information about what in person attendance is going to look like.

Proposed policies for attendees

Last year, The Masters adopted some new policies in the face of Covid-19. Though patrons will be allowed to attend, Augusta National will be upholding similar safety standards as 2020’s tournament. In addition to attendance restrictions, patrons and players alike are required to wear face masks upon entrance. Guests may also be required to provide a negative Covid test in order to gain entry.

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Despite the fact that golf is often considered the ultimate social distancing sport, Covid cases are rising nationally and the consequences cannot be ignored. Furthermore, many of the players are older men who are at higher risk for contracting the virus than others. While these restrictions may be frustrating for some, it is all in pursuit of health and safety among Masters’ personnel and guests.

Who are you rooting for this year?

Disappointed you didn’t snag a ticket to the 2021 Masters Tournament? Though not the same experience, you can still watch on TV. Or, if you are looking for more content about The Masters, check out our piece on underdogs who have won at The Masters. Keep an eye out for updates to the tournament’s policies and safety guidelines, as they are subject to change.

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