It’s that time of year where parents and children alike are searching for resources to help them effectively market themselves to colleges. Athletes in particular have to build an impressive resume to attract college recruiters. Much of the information about college coaches recruiting players revolves around sports like basketball and football. It can be difficult for young golfers to know what requirements they need to fulfill in order to be recruited to play golf or apply for scholarships in college.

Whether you are a student athlete yourself or the parent of one, it is crucial to be informed about the best college golf programs in the country. Schools like Oklahoma University, Pepperdine University, and Florida State University are among the best colleges for golfers in the United States. These schools produce many of the best college golfers, who often go on to have more success playing professionally. Before applications are due in the winter, it’s important to make sure to meet the standards of your desired university.

School first. Greens second.

Even athletes have to fulfill academic requirements when applying to college, and you will be expected to meet certain average scores. When comparing two potential recruits of similar ability, admissions officers and college golf coaches will prioritize the student with higher test scores. Not only does this preserve the selectivity of the university and the team, but student athletes with strong academic backgrounds tend to have an easier transition to college overall.

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Once your academics are on solid ground, begin to focus on improving your athletic reputation as well. Attending national tournaments is a fantastic way to attract interest from college golf coaches. Generally, coaches will take particular interest in multi-day tournaments of 36 holes or more. Competing in these tournaments is also a surefire path to getting ranked nationally, which appeals to athletic recruiters as well.

Putting in the time

There are so many options for young people interested in playing men’s golf or women’s golf at the college level. But just because these are golf schools doesn’t mean they don’t also care about academics. Assure that in between playing daily and taking care of your personal life, you find time to improve your GPA and test scores.

Are you the parent of a promising young golfer? Perhaps you come from a long line of college golfers and want to get your child interested in the sport. You may be wondering: how young can kids start playing golf? Fortunately, kids as young as three can start learning golf at home or on a mini-golf course. As your child ages and they develop a passion for the sport there are academies dedicated to producing talented young golfers. No matter what age your child is, there are ways to build their interest and get them involved in golf.

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