If you work in the business world, the probability of having at least one meeting on the golf course is high. For someone who is new to the game, this possibility might fill you with dread. The first impression many people have of golf is that it’s a dull, slow sport. But there are a variety of things that attract new and old players alike to the game. 

What makes golf fun is, of course, a matter of opinion, but the sport has some definite selling points. Whether you’ve just gotten your lowest score or played your best round, you can find excitement in the challenge of the game. We hope that, by the time your boss invites you for an afternoon tee time, you’ll be enjoying the game of golf as much as they do. 

The real list

One of the things that appeals to fans of the game is how challenging golf is. Golf is not only a physical sport but a mental one. Playing golf with friends is always fun, but the sport isn’t about competition or collaboration. It’s about your performance. It requires a drive to constantly improve against yourself and a strategic practice routine.

There are even parts of golf that appeal to non-golfers as well. Who doesn’t love being in nature? And driving the golf cart is one of the game’s simple pleasures. But the real factor that keeps players invested in golf is the sense of satisfaction when you succeed. The moments where all your hard work and practice pay off on the green make all the little frustrations along the way worth it. 

Ready for another round?

As you start playing more golf you’ll discover more and more things you like about it. Though the most enjoyable things about golf are subjective, it’s clear that people do enjoy it. So, if you’re debating whether to explore golfing, we recommend taking the plunge. It might feel like a struggle at first, but the satisfaction when you get your first birdie is worth the effort.

Now that you’re excited to hit the course, you can start holding meetings at tee time. Mixing business and sport is a great way to connect with coworkers and get a workout in while still being productive. Check out our tips for playing golf with your boss so you can get the most out of your business game and your golf game.