As we get deeper into autumn and closer to winter, many of us are having to reconsider our outdoor hobbies. Whether your hometown is expecting snow or rain this winter, you may want to keep your activities indoors. Golf is no exception—a golf course loses a little of its magic when the winds are freezing, and your shoes are soaked through.

If you live in Southern California, playing golf year round is easy. However, the rest of the country has to come to terms with the fact that, at some point, it’s going to be too cold to play golf. The question is: how cold is too cold? Everyone has a different threshold, but there are some key factors to consider before braving the cold weather to play a few rounds.

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It's hard to find a white golf ball in the snow

Some golfers make a distinction between when it’s too cold to play golf and when it’s too cold to play well. Resolute players can be found on the green even if it’s below 45 degrees and raining, but the weather conditions can take a toll on your performance. First and foremost, consider your safety. A game of golf isn’t worth catching hypothermia over.

Even if the weather isn’t a danger to your physical wellbeing, it may have an impact on your ability to play. Wearing too many layers can restrict movement, while wearing too few can leave your body numb and inept. Furthermore, cold and high speed winds aren’t going to help your swing. Playing golf in the snow may sound like a fun challenge for a seasoned player, but it’s not fun tracking down your ball among all that white. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what conditions you’re willing to play in, and which golf courses you’ll choose.

Love the Calabasas Country Club! Great place to have your golf events, parties, or even a wedding.

— Josef S.

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Play golf this winter

A true golfer cannot go the whole winter without playing golf and you do not want to practice golf at home, nor subject yourself to the harsh weather. Believe it or not, there is a place where you can golf all year with minimal interruption from the winter weather. Southern California is notorious for being warm and pleasant year round, with temperate winters that are perfect for a brisk but not bracing game of golf. Want to spend your holiday break on the golf course? Or do you live in a climate where playing golf in the winter is possible? At Calabasas Country Club in sunny Los Angeles, members and their guests can expect lovely weather and grounds no matter the season. Winter temperatures won’t get you down at one of the best golf courses Los Angeles has to offer.