Anyone with a bad back or knees knows that a game of golf can be hard on the body. If you have ever played a few holes of golf and come home to an aching back, you might have found yourself wondering: is golf bad for you?

The short answer is no. Golf is good for you in a variety of ways. The amount of walking alone promotes blood flow, weight loss, and heart health. And the health benefits of golfing don’t stop there. Studies have shown that golfers may be living longer than the rest of us due to the myriad of health benefits. A Swedish analysis found that the golfers they studied had a 40% lower death rate than other comparable non-golfers. Even merely acting as a spectator at a golf game encourages outdoor physical activity, promoting healthy habits for golf enthusiasts as well as the players themselves.


The physical impacts of walking around a golf course over the duration of a tournament or 9 holes are just one facet of how golf is good for your life. The outdoor setting comes with its own set of benefits, including sleeping better. After a walk around the golf course and a few hours in the fresh air, you’ll have the better night’s sleep.

Good food and wine and lovely ambiance.

— Richard L.

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Golf also has mental benefits in addition to physical ones. The legendary US golfer Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half inch course … between your ears,” which alludes to the almost cerebral nature of the sport. Golf is a game of strategy, forcing you to use your mind as much as your body. Furthermore, the increased blood flow and movement is conducive to brain stimulation, increasing your energy as a result.

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Though golf isn’t necessarily associated with strength or speed in the way other sports are, playing golf is actually incredibly good exercise—both mentally and physically. The health benefits of golfing are undeniable, promoting healthy habits, muscle development, and even weight loss. So, the next time someone asks, “Is golf bad for you?” you can smile and say, “oh no quite the opposite.”

If you are older and think golf may be too much strain on your body, don’t worry. Not only can golf help keep your mind and body in shape as you age, but golf has been shown to promote joint stability and balance in older people. Or if you have been on the fence about learning to play golf at 60, you can start enjoying golf at any age. At Calabasas Country Club, our individual golf instructors know how to work with any skill level, from amateur to pro. Drop by the club to find out more about improving your health with a simple game of golf.

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