Whether you’re an accountant or an athlete, an amateur or a pro, we all have “off days.” Maybe you’re not performing as well as usual, or perhaps not performing at all. No matter what your profession is, there are guaranteed to be days where you aren’t working as hard as usual. Sometimes an “off day” isn’t related to mediocre performance. In fact, it may be needed to preserve or improve your game. Rest is essential to all athletes, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

For professional golfers, they have the majority of their “off days” in between tournaments. In the PGA tour, a full time golfer will usually spend 4 days on the course, with no time in between days. The players don’t get a break until afterward when they’re in between tournaments. However, the time between tournaments is not just spent on leisure. In addition to travel requirements, players on the PGA tour have to maintain their skills between days of play. Here’s how the pros hone their craft even on off days.

Eat, drink & breathe golf

Once professional golfers arrive at the tournament site, they begin the process of preparing for the competition days ahead. Some golfers will play a few practice rounds on the Monday or Tuesday before the competition, with an extra tournament day on Wednesday for pro golfers to play with amateur partners.

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In addition to practice rounds, many pro golfers have a regular workout routine to keep up when they’re not on the course. Strength conditioning, stamina building, and flexibility are some of the main focuses of professional players. Some golfers even invite their coaches to the tournaments with them to have access to quality coaching during practice rounds or other training sessions.

What you do in between weekend rounds

Though you’re not a professional golfer who has to fly from state to state for tournament days, there is a lot to be learned by how the pros spend their off days. Instead of thinking of ways to prepare for high stakes tournaments, consider ways to prep for playing golf on the weekends. Working out during the week is a fantastic way to keep yourself in golfing shape between trips to the course.

Seeing your skill and strategy improve over time is what makes golf so enjoyable for players of all calibers. If you really want a taste of how the pros build their ability, investing in a personal trainer or golf instructor is the next step. At Calabasas Country Club, we employ high quality professionals who are ready to give you individualized on-course instruction. Not feeling up to a full round? We also have a state of the art fitness center for all your conditioning needs. Take your swing to the professional level, and contact Calabasas Country Club today to learn more about how much membership has to offer.

Very good environment and everyone I met was so nice and humble. I recommend.

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