If you have been golfing for a while now and trying to improve your game, you’ve probably spent some time at the driving range or chipping green. While some golfers eschew practicing entirely, meaningful practice time is crucial if you want to get better at the sport. If your goal is putting together a great round, how often should you practice?

The fact of the matter, however, is that the quality of your practice matters more than the quantity. Practicing too much or practicing the wrong things can teach you harmful habits that will negatively impact your score. If you want to improve your game, practicing your short game and putting is a great place to start. However, you can’t spend all your time practicing. After all, practice only matters once you put it to use on the course. So how often should you play a round of golf during periods of practice? Keep reading to learn the perfect ratio between practice and play.

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Setting, and achieving goals

How often you should practice and what that practice should entail depends on your reasons for playing golf. For example, if you’re trying to beat your boss on the golf course, your practice sessions will look different from someone who’s playing golf to lose weight. For players who want a full body workout, we recommend skipping the golf cart and walking to the next holes. If you’re more interested in improving your swing, there are exercises and stretches you can do between rounds at the driving range. Making sure your practice strategy matches your goals will help you make noticeable improvements in no time.

Finding your groove

Experts recommend making time for three practice sessions per week. However, this doesn’t mean just hitting balls 3 times per week in the backyard. These should be comprehensive practice routines that include putting and chipping greens, the driving range, and supplementary exercises and drills. By comparison, you should be playing 2 rounds of golf per week on average. We recommend starting with a brief warm-up and pre-round stretch before deciding what to work on for the day. Some days you may feel like you need hours of training, while other days may be just as productive in a mere 45 minutes.  There is no specific time one needs to allocate to practicing in order to improve.

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Of course, because work and personal life are important, naturally there will be some weeks where you have time for more or less practice. But when you’ve got the time to dedicate to golf, we’ll have plenty of space to accommodate you at Calabasas Country Club. With a full range of amenities, you’ll be able to go from practice to play seamlessly, with plenty of time for leisure in between.