Since the term team building was coined in the 1980s, businesses have sought new ways to bring their employees together to strengthen the bonds between colleagues. These team building events are usually orchestrated and coordinated by a leadership team using their ideas and knowledge about team structure to help achieve the goals of the company.

If you’re struggling to come up with an appropriate setting for your team building excursion, look no further than the local country club. Believe it or not, golfing is actually a fantastic team building activity. It may seem counterintuitive since golf is a largely solo sport, but golf can actually help promote cooperation, creativity, and positive reinforcement between coworkers. So how do you craft the perfect round of 18 holes to build teamwork? Here are our tips for a team building event your company will never forget. 

The venue was beautiful and the food was exceptional, landscaping and golf course were breathtaking.

— Madison G.

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Your strategy

In order to make the most of the outing, your golf strategy and team building strategy should be aligned. Perhaps you have people from different departments playing in teams or pairs in order to increase cooperation. Or you just want to give your employees the opportunity to socialize casually while enjoying the outdoors. Either way, the event is bound to leave your colleagues feeling closer and more refreshed than before.

Team building on the golf course isn’t about playing well, though a little friendly competition can be excellent for strengthening team relationships. However, you and your team can still be accomplishing goals without playing a perfect game. The primary purpose of the event is to demonstrate how teamwork, cooperation, and quality time all help to strengthen a business. 

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Don't forget to feed the team

Once you’re done with the spectacular scenery of the golf course, the activity doesn’t have to end there. Take advantage of the other amenities at the country club to keep the team building event going. At Calabasas Country Club, we have golf instructors and a performance center, as well as a luxurious dining room with a view. Your team can end the day with a great meal, visit our website to view the Calabasas Country Club menus and start planning the best team building event your company won’t soon forget.