When it comes to the best days to play golf, you’re probably not thinking of holidays. After all, for most people the holiday season is for spending time with friends and family. But in actuality, the fall and winter holidays are some of the best days to hit the course. Not only is the weather the perfect temperature to keep you from breaking a sweat, but with time off for the holidays, you’ll have more opportunities to engage in your hobbies.

Thanksgiving in particular is a fantastic day to visit the golf course. If you’re not responsible for preparing dinner, why not give the real cooks some space and play through for a few hours? Plan your day right, and you’ll make it home just as the turkey is coming out of the oven.

The fitness center is never crowded and my wife goes five days a week in what is a new facility with a dedicated staff.

— Mr. Potts

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Eagle, Birdie... Turkey?

Golfing on Thanksgiving is a great way to avoid the typical holiday season crowds that make getting tee times easy. You can also avoid the stress and chaos of Thanksgiving morning cooking by heading out to the golf course early. Furthermore, playing a few rounds is a fantastic way to build up an appetite for that enormous afternoon meal. You can even pick up a pie or side dish on the way home.

Home for dinner

Playing golf on Thanksgiving morning is a fantastic way to pass the time before eating dinner with your family. Our members can play through, then dine with us and forgo cooking a holiday dinner at home altogether. For a modest price, you and your whole family can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast in our sumptuous dining room without lifting a finger.

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And when you play in California, you can count on sunshine and blue skies through fall and winter. At Calabasas Country Club we have a beautifully scenic golf course and a variety of family friendly amenities, and you can take advantage of the Calabasas weather year round. Contact Calabasas Country Club today to learn more.