Massage guns are one of the top physical therapy products sweeping the nation, and companies like Hyperice are at the forefront of this trend. Hyperice manufactures a variety of different percussion therapy devices, including the Hypervolt. They have been named official recovery device partners of the PGA Tour and NFL, which is a testament to their benefit for athletic professionals.

Receiving physical therapy treatment from training staff during a game is a first for many PGA Tour players, but it’s actually commonplace for athletes in the NBA and NFL. You can often see players stretching with their physical therapists on the sidelines. Despite the fact that the rules of golf allow the use of personal medical equipment (as long as it doesn’t result in an unfair advantage), few golfers take advantage of this option. However, due to the PGA Tour’s new partnership with Hypervolt, all players on the tour will be provided a Hypervolt massage gun to use on the course. Find out more about how Hypervolt can help you take care of your body, on and off the course.

It's a win-win

So what are the benefits of percussion therapy? Massage guns like the Hypervolt stimulate your muscles with targeted pulses. This has been shown to help relieve muscle tightness and soreness, especially in athletes. Percussion therapy can also increase your range of motion, something that is essential in the game of golf.

Percussion therapy is not just useful for immediate relief. Percussive stimulation of deep muscle fibers actually helps you warm up and recover faster. Combined with its treatment of pain and stiffness, these features allow golfers to reach their peak performance more easily. This leads to lower scores and, as a result, happier golfers. If you have been struggling to reach your full potential on the course recently, maybe it’s time to give your muscles a little love.

Percussion therapy for everybody

While Hypervolt for golfers is increasing in popularity, physical therapy isn’t exclusive to the PGA Tour. Anyone can experience muscle tightness or soreness that can be aided with a percussion therapy device. Many of us are sore and have limited our range of motion due to long workdays spent sitting at a desk. If that’s something you struggle with, a percussion therapy device may be just what you need.

Not sure if you are ready to invest in a Hypervolt massage gun? At Calabasas Country Club we have a wide array of physical therapy products available for use by club members. Visit our health and fitness center and schedule a half hour physical therapy session to experience the benefits of a percussion therapy device firsthand before you purchase one of your own. Contact us to find out more about the many benefits of stretching and physical therapy devices that you can take advantage of at Calabasas Country Club. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just someone with a little shoulder pain, Hypervolt can help.