For many people, the process of getting better at golf starts with an attempt to improve your handicap. In golf, a handicap is a number that indicates your ability as a player. For example, if a player has a +10 handicap, they play about ten strokes above average.

As all golfers know, lower numbers are always better, and a lower handicap is no exception. That’s why players strive for the lowest handicap possible. Lowering your golf handicap may seem impossible. Even the suggestion that you can shave 10 strokes off your handicap sounds like a joke. Fortunately, we have all the insider information about how you can improve your golf handicap. Before you know it, you’ll be playing like a pro.

First, work on you

The first step to improving your golf handicap is to improve yourself. Playing weekly or working with an instructor can help you improve your overall technique, which will in turn improve your handicap.

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There are a few specific things you should focus on while you practice. The first is simplifying your game. Extra movements and steps only complicate your swing and take a toll on accuracy. You want to have a smooth, steady swing that allows you complete control over the ball. Once you cut out the extra fluff, improving your swing is easy. We also recommend working on your short game. The fewer strokes it takes to get from the green to the cup, the better.

Then, you’re on your equipment

Once your ability has improved, you’ll need equipment to match. Not only can new clubs help reinvigorate your game, but they can improve accuracy as well. It’s time to splurge on a new set of better golf clubs. We recommend hybrid clubs instead of long irons for people looking to get a little extra distance on their shots.

Your golf handicap is not a fixed number. It can change as you adjust your tactics and tools, and you will notice a difference in no time. Struggling to find the time to get in some practice on the course? Now, you can improve your handicap from home. Installing a golf practice net at home is an easy way to work on your game without tearing up the house.

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