It seems like, for American society, weight loss is always on the brain. Whether it’s a new fad diet or workout routine, people are continually searching for new ways to drop a few pounds. This mentality has inspired the question: can you lose weight playing golf?

From an outside perspective, golf may seem like a relatively sedentary game that isn’t as strenuous as other sports. After all, golfers often use caddies to carry their equipment and golf carts to traverse the course. Surely, there’s no way golfers are actually seeing any weight loss from playing golf? Find out how the game changes when you start playing golf to lose weight.

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Make it the focus

In order to start losing weight playing golf, you have to make that your intent throughout the game. This is probably going to require some changes to your usual habits in some way or another.

For example, we recommend that you walk the course during your games; do not use the golf cart. This is an easy way to add a few miles to your pedometer. Doing a bit of stretching before playing golf will help protect your body from unnecessary strain as a result of your new routine.

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Enjoy the game

Working out doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy the game at the same time. Staying fit will not only help with losing weight, but it can also help with hitting a birdie, too. Strength and conditioning can absolutely have an impact on your golf swing and your score as a result. Part of what makes golf so enjoyable is the mental process of figuring out how to improve your score and losing weight may be part of that process for you.

Not sure how to start? We recommend working with a golf fitness specialist. At Calabasas Country Club, we offer one-on-one instruction with our experienced team of golf professionals. Stop by for your first lesson about how dropping a few pounds can also help you drop a few strokes off your score.

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